About Us

Yushan Forum: Asian Dialogue for Innovation and Progress is a newly launched annual platform for regional dialogue that aims to promote the exchange of ideas, gathering of talent and application of technology for innovation and progress across Asia Pacific. By bring together prominent leaders, thinkers, organizers and innovators from the region and across the globe, the goal of the Yushan Forum is to foster initiatives for regional cooperation -- particularly in cultivating human capital through increased connectivity.

As illustrated by its 2017 theme, "Fostering Economic and Social Connectivity with Southeast and South Asia," the Yushan Forum aspires to cultivate multifaceted people-to-people ties across the region. The event will invite participants from the Asia Pacific region and beyond, including tentative speakers from 15 countries, including Belgium, Croatia, India, Indonesia, Japan, South Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, Nepal, the Netherlands, the Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, the United States and Vietnam.

Held by the Prospect Foundation, a public policy research think tank in Taipei, the Yushan Forum envisions an era of progress in Asia based on innovation, creativity, and new forms of human linkages by encouraging technological exploration, intellectual entrepreneurship, as well as enhancing social connectivity.

As an indicator of the wide range of cooperation the Yushan Forum hopes to facilitate, a diverse array of topic is covered by the forum's six session, including the economy and trade, human resources, technological innovation, NGO engagement, think tank cooperation and youth leadership.

Located in Taiwan, Yushan -- also known as Mount Jade or "Tongku Saveq" in the language of the local indigenous Bunun people -- is the tallest summit in East Asia. With relative ease of access to the top, Yushan is a symbol of Taiwanese aspiration for excellence, as well as warm friendship toward people from surrounding nations.